Bio Fuel


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oil or animal fats that can be added to petroleum diesel as a blend or used on its own. Biodiesel Fuel can be produced from a variety of natural crops including rapeseed, soybean, mustard, flax, sunflower, canola, palm oil, hemp, jatropha and waste vegetable oils. This fuel provides the benefit of reducing engine wear and producing less harmful emissions. Biodiesel is used as an alternative fuel source, but requires engine modifications.

Ethanol fuel is a gasoline alternative that is manufactured from the conversion of carbon based feed stocks such as sugar cane, sugar beets, switch grass, corn, and barley. It is a sustainable energy resource that is intended to provide a more environmentally and economically friendly alternative to fossil fuels such as diesel and gasolineis. Ethanol fuel can be combined with gasoline at different percentages, or can be used in its pure form.

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